Full papers


Full papers: 

The Queering Paradigms Project, in partnership with Peter Lang International Publishers, edits a series of books titled Queering Paradigms. For QP4, two books will be published: one with papers in English and another one with papers in Spanish and Portuguese. QP4 participants may submit full papers to either volume but only one submission is allowed; this means the decision to submit a paper to the English or the Portuguese/Spanish volume must be carefully thought out. Submissions will be peer-reviewed by our international board of reviewers. Below you will find the guidelines for submission:

1-     The submission deadline has been extended to October 1st, 2012.

2-     The text must be written in the language of the intended volume. Full papers in English must be sent to qp4englishbook@gmail.com. Full papers in Spanish or Portuguese must be sent to qp4livroportesp@gmail.com.

3-     The same paper cannot be submitted twice to different volumes.

4-     Only authors who present in QP4 can submit full papers.

5-     Before submitting, make sure your text is carefully reviewed. If you write the full paper in a language that is not your mother tongue, we strongly advise you to have the text reviewed by a teacher of the language.

6-     Full papers must be 7000-14000 words long (including references, appendices and endnotes).

7-     Articles must be in double-spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman.

8-     Title and subtitle must be in italics.

9-     Headings must not use italics and/or boldface. Subheadings must be in italics.

10-  Quotes under 40 words must be marked in text as “text text text text text text” (Harvard 1999:23). When referring/paraphrasing use in-text Harvard style parenthetical citations and page numbers (Harvard 1999:23-4).

11-  Quotes of more than 40 words must be indented and in italics without quotation marks.

12-  Use ENDNOTES when they are absolutely necessary. Avoid using too many endnotes in favor of clear Harvard-style in-text references.

13-  The list of references must include only works cited in the text of the submission. Use the Harvard style for references. Information on the Harvard writing style may be obtained in http://www.library.uq.edu.au/training/citation/harvard_6.pdf